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Boundary Surveys

A boundary survey determines the property lines of a parcel of land described in a deed. A boundary survey may be required for various reasons. For instance, when a piece of property is sold, a title company or closing agent may require a survey to ensure that no encroachments exist or prior to any construction near a property line including installing a fence along a property line. If a situation of trespass or encroachment may exist, Nyberg Surveying has the expertise and professionalism to help resolve and/or represent you in these situations.Read More

Topographic Surveys

A topographic survey is used to show the location and elevations of the various improvements and features over a tract of land. This survey would include hills, streams, trees, buildings, utilities, curb and gutter, and property lines. After we electronically collect the field data our CADD technicians will design a computerized drawing for use by your engineer, architect or attorney.Read More

Impervious Area Surveys

Impervious area surveys are used to determine the percentage of impervious surfaces on a parcel. County and municipalities have restrictions on the amount of impervious surfaces allowed on a particular piece of property. Often times an impervious area survey is required prior to getting a building permit on a smaller piece of property to ensure the guidelines set fourth by the governing body are abided by.Read More

GPS Surveys

A Global Positioning System is utilized to gather large amounts of horizontal and vertical data across relatively large areas. Nyberg Surveying uses the Global Positioning Systems (GPS) for most of our surveys.

Land Planning and Subdivision Design

Nyberg Surveying can assist you with the process of land planning or dividing a large tract of land into smaller lots or units. Local and state governing bodies have ordinances and restrictions that apply to your potential division that may seem insurmountable in the planning stage of your project. Our Professional Land Surveyors have many years of combined experience and training, and can foresee potential problems on your project before they may occur, saving you time and money. Our surveying team can create several variations of lot or unit layouts to best meet the interests of our clients and potential buyers.Read More

Minor Subdivisions

Minor subdivisions are usually 1 or 2 lot subdivisions that oftentimes only require a boundary survey and a legal description of the portions to be divided. The legal description would then be used by an abstract company or an attorney to prepare and file the deeds at the local county recorders office.Read More

ALTA / ACSM Land Title Surveys

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey is a specialized boundary survey that meets specific needs for land title insurance purposes. An ALTA survey discloses all survey-related title issues so that lending institutions, title attorneys, and/or purchasers can make informed decisions about a piece of real estate. In addition to the "Minimum Standard Detail Requirements", there are several optional requirements that can be specified by the individual while ordering the survey. Options may include property boundary, contours, location of utilities, location of existing easements, improvements, etc. These additional requirements are listed in Table 'A' of the requirements.Read More

FEMA Elevation Certificates

An elevation certificate is a document prepared by a surveyor that is used to determine if a piece of property or a structure lies within a floodplain. The elevation certificate can also be used by an insurance company to determine flood risks and flood insurance premiums. Many structures within a floodplain can be granted a LOMA (letter of map amendment) if the structure is above the designated floodplain elevation of that particular area. A LOMA usually allows the homeowner to avoid paying for flood insurance.Read More

Building Permit Surveys

Building permit surveys are required in a number of counties and municipalities prior to new construction. Requirements on a building permit survey vary but usually include the parcels boundary, topographic conditions, and existing and proposed improvements. Building permit surveys ensure that your structure will be built without any potential encroachment, elevation, or density problems.Read More

Condominiums and CIC Plats and Storage Units

A condominium is a form of real property where a specified piece of real estate, often times a portion of a building, is individually owned. These "units" are divided using a Condominium Declaration and a Common Interest Community (CIC) Plat. The CIC Plat is used to define the 3 dimensional space occupied by the condominium units and any common elements.Read More

Cemetery Layouts

Cemeteries in Minnesota are required to keep a plat map on file showing the layout and dimensions of burial plots. Nyberg Surveying has mapped both existing and proposed cemeteries to comply with these requirements.

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